I was  born January 19 1983 in Dunaszerdahely (Slovakia). I finished my basic studies in Felbár. Even as a small child i was really interested in handicraft .with great enthusiasm i payed attention to all handicraft trades, so even before it was time to choose a career if was evident to me that my drawing skills and creativity that where learned in the somorjai arts school would be my keystone.
In 1999 i finished the győri Kovács Margit technical collage with honers on the enamel ornamental piece maker's academic specialization course. Which i chose due to the schools excellent references. In the same academic year i won the most talented and most diligent gold ring in that grade category. I then continued secondary studies in Privata Gutaiensis technical collage. I graduated the business course in 2001. Afterwards i went back to Győr where with the help of the Ferenczi Noémi award winning glass artist Hefter László i learned the ins and outs of lead glass, and I obtained the concerning diploma in Kovács Margit technical collage in a lead-glass academic specialization.  

In case any of my work found on the page interests you, or you would like to make a reality of your own unique glass design please call, or write me an email


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