Fenestrations (door & window lining)

This glass in the door or window can be made, that can be prepared from lead-glass or of Tiffany glass, it can be found in 
- you are interior outdoor ajtóbetétekről,
- terrace doors,
- your interior or outdoor door mats,
- wardrobe doors,
which all bring colour to your house.

The door or window deposits give extra visual sites especially when the sun shines through the coloured glass and magical adds colour to the interior of the house.

It can be a great solution when you wish to add a colourful, pretty, aesthetic and intimate mood to your house. It can be a unique gift for a work room or office door or kids room.

Nothing is impossible. Any shape or size of coloured window can be made within 10 days
Please click on the photo to view my fenestrations made to date. in case any of the fenestrations on the page interest you. Or you would like to make your own design a reality please call, or write me an email


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